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Supra Vandal

Und dann Supra Vandal Also gleich noch mal zum Händler und die Inagos Quest geholt, bevor der wieder weg ist und dann wieder etwas. Bitte beachten Sie: einige Elemente können einen gewissen Rang erfordern oder eine bestimmte Menge an in-game Credits als Steuer erheben. Bevor Sie. We already got many Prime and Wraith weapons and I think it`s now time for the Vandal. But why Supra? Because it is the classy Corpus weapon which rips.


Finde Verkäufer von Supra (Vandal), und nehm ganz einfach Kontakt auf! Supra Vandal, Primär, , PvE/PvP? Sweeper, Wächter, , PvE. Sweeper Prime, Wächter, , PvE, Einzelteile. Sybaris, Primär, , PvE/PvP. Bitte beachten Sie: einige Elemente können einen gewissen Rang erfordern oder eine bestimmte Menge an in-game Credits als Steuer erheben. Bevor Sie.

Supra Vandal Warframe Gameplay & Guides Video

Why Would You Use #117: Supra Vandal Revisited

Warframes Powerful Black Hole Ability, Best Railjack Avionics You Should Get. - Duration: Tactical Potato , views. The Supra is a tri-barrel laser repeater of Corpus design that is unlockable through Energy Lab Research in the Dojo. It is used by Corpus Techs and sometimes by Corpus Wardens throughout Corpus-controlled regions, and is effectively the higher damage Corpus equivalent of the Gorgon. This weapon can be sold for ‍ 7, The Supra Vandal is the best bullet hose in the game, bar none. It has a tight spread even at decent range, low recoil, an incredibly fast fire rate, and the highest base magazine in the game. It's reload may be half of an eternity but who cares when that reload gets you dakka. The super was bleh before the vandal and after the vandal it's still bleh, why? Because just giving it more bullets to shoot still doesn't make it a good gun, it just means we have less reloads while we are dumping a whole mag into an enemy to kill it. SUPRA VANDAL. Ultimate ENDGAME | Build | MAX DPS | 62k Burst. by— last updated 2 months ago (Patch ) 14 5 95, A customized version. Helminth frisst Oiga Ressourcen und sogar eure Warframes. Erste Vorherige 24 von 27 Gehe zur Seite. Move Comment. Wer sich auf der Welt schneller fortbewegen will, der kann dazu einen der seltsamen Käfer oder der Fliegen nehmen, die die Welt bevölkern.

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Erste Vorherige 24 von 27 Gehe zur Seite.

It kind of climbs up a little bit The second thing would be that spool up or spin up to it. The first projectile is kinda slow, but then the rest are quick to follow, so very small spin up effect there.

Next will be the projectiles from the Supra Vandal When i aim, it would appear that my projectiles are fat enough to catch the corner of the wall but in reality they don't.

Posted January 9, Where's the rest of my post?! I wrote a whole fat paragraph on it! Zeclem 2, Posted January 9, On Madway7 3, Posted January 9, Either via Baro like the Vulkar Wraith, invasions or maybe even through bounties.

Will have to wait and see. MagPrime 35, Posted January 9, I'll see if I have any spares. The energy proc is also great for frames that channel abilities and can't even health from zenurik, ev trin, etc.

I love the Supra Vandal, syndicate mod and Equinox. I never have to worry about using energy pizzas. Or potentially Heavy Caliber if someone is ok with the minus accuracy or a crit riven?

I could understand if it would be a slash based weapon but it's just for corrosion procs Most frames, if not all, have a good enough energy economy with the right mods and Zenurik.

If someone even has arcane energize R3, they can't even spend all the mana they will have but alas, it's expensive AF.

Hell, switching out for the supra every 30 seconds just to get a single magnetic proc is missing out on dps more than just hitting the target.

That said, the magnetic proc doesn't even last that long to even justicy 2 weapon swaps. If you want to justify a weapon swap and get even 2 status on an enemy to kill it with CO then get Pox in your loadout man.

Build it for crit, throw in shred for punch through and a bit of fire rate and whatever elemental you're in need of.

Great for wrecking up single targets, but I slapped on an extra dash forma so I could choose between metal augur or a maxed vigilante armaments.

The star of the build is entropy burst though. Maybe slip rime rounds in to help with shields and faster stripping for fissures.

Don't bother with punch through unless you're in a group of 4 or killing infested. This is definitely a must-have weapon in your arsenal.

It comes with two extra polarities, only need to forma this weapon at-most 3 times. Do Not use this weapon as a mastery Fodder.

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Es handelt sich um Supra Vandal Zertifikat. - 2 answers to this question

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Supra Vandal Das Supra Vandal Gewehr wurde als Belohnung für Spieler ausgegeben, die Ambulas auf Hades, Pluto. Eine angepasste Version des schlagkräftigen Supra, mit metallischem Gehäuse und Lotus-Dekor. Copy. 3 VOTES. 0 COMMENTS. ITEM RANK. 2 / The Supra Vandal is the Vandal version of the Supra assault rifle. Wiki. Supra Vandal. Handelssteuer. tax Meisterschaftsrang. Angebote · Statistiken​. Finde Verkäufer von Supra (Vandal), und nehm ganz einfach Kontakt auf!
Supra Vandal
Supra Vandal
Supra Vandal Its the best weapon in the game with the energy proc I wrote a whole fat paragraph on it! Have you ever wondered what was the most powerful weapon that Baro Ki'Teer sells? All rights reserved. Do you have always a carrier at your Ccbet90 Most frames, if not all, have a good enough energy economy with the right mods and Zenurik. All rights reserved. Party Poker Casino has so much dakka, Supra Vandal use 90s for corrosive or you will overstrip. Sign In Sign Up. Become a Redditor and join one of thousands of communities. Want to Game Demo to Frankreich-Kroatien discussion? Link Post. Not by a long shot. SUPRA VANDAL. Supra Vandal. New Build. A customized version of the powerful Supra, featuring a metallic finish and Lotus decal. Popular SUPRA VANDAL Mods. No builds found. SUPRA VANDAL. ASSAULT RIFLE. ACCURACY CRITICAL CHANCE 16%. CRITICAL MULTIPLIER x. FIRE RATE MAGAZINE / NOISE ALARMING. RELOAD RIVEN DISPOSITION. 1/10/ · supra can destroy hundreds fast if setup right, plus give energy with sudas augment and rip shields away the supra vandal has direct upgrade in ammo, so not much difference, but since the supra's full damage & multishot do get a buff directly related to the amount of fire you can output it . The Supra Vandal is the Vandal version of the Supra assault rifle, sporting higher critical chance and damage multiplier, accuracy, and magazine size and max ammo.. This weapon can be sold for x26px‍ 7, Acquisition. The Supra Vandal was awarded to players who successfully defeated Ambulas on Hades, Pluto during the Operation: Ambulas Reborn event, complete with a free weapon slot and a. What's the syndicate mod for Supra? The DeraV is a status gun, so you WГ¶rter Nach Buchstaben Suchen base damage, useful elementals and, most importantly, multishot. Jackviator 5, Posted May 5,